Thursday, November 24, 2011

Video: Samsung "Next Big Thing" Galaxy S II Commercial

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung has a Galaxy S2 commercial out and with it they have gone straight after the competition - Apple. The Korean mobile phone maker has started an ad campaign by taking on the iPhone. If you watch the commercial you will notice that they try to keep the conversation real-world and stick to what debates are actually happening  with SmartPhone lovers. One line in the ad goes 'I can never get a Samsung'. Good job with the ad and for sure it has spurred on the SmartPhone debate. Taking on the Apple Fanboy culture with the commercial seems like quiet a long shot, for starters the Apple Queue was not long enough and apparently the look and brightness of the phone has been tweaked. The ad points out 4G and a better battery life. Highlighting the current battery problem with the iPhone 4S. There is however no mention of Siri. Take a look at the Ad and do leave a comment. 

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