Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What does 'talking about this' mean on Facebook

If you have lately visited a fan page on Facebook or maybe you own a Facebook fan page that you own and operate. You will always notice below the number of people 'who like his' the number of people who are talking about this. If you actually own a page then you will be wondering what does ' talking about this mean'. After reading about it and doing some research on pages that we have admin rights over this is what we have found.

It is actually a combination of factors. Starting from the most recent 'Likes' you page has received. Then the 'Like' gets posted to the person's profile and wall. There might be other friends who comment on it. There are people who would have tagged your page in a status update on Facebook. It also takes into account the number of comments your page is receiving. There might be @mentions also by people talking about it. So sometimes you might notice that you have fewer fans who have liked your page recently but the number below people talking about this might be more. That is because you page is being discussed about through means already mentioned in the above points.

So it is a combination of factors like 'Like', Share, commenting, posting, tagging and mentions on Facebook. The number refreshes every day but goes back to a week. Please use the comments section below to let us know hat you think and leave your feedback. 

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