Thursday, December 1, 2011

Difference between unfriend and block on Facebook

There is a strong difference between unfriend and block on Facebook. The purpose of both can be debatable especially if you look at the difference and then decide. The rule of thumb on Facebook is that you block someone who begins to get very annoying and maybe you even feel you have a Facebook stalker. when you unfriend someone what happens is a little less harsh but still sends out a string message nevertheless.

When you block someone on Facebook this is what happens
1. They cannot find you at all on Facebook
2. Both of you do not appears in each other's search results
3. It is like you do not exist on Facebook at all.
4. They cannot contact you anymore as there is no way to find you
5. You might still appear on third-party apps like Facebook games. If both of you are playing the same games.

Difference between unfriend and block on FacebookWhen you unfriend someone on Facebook this is what happens
1. That person does not appear on your Facebook friends list
2. You can can each other on Facebook search
3. You can still message each other
4. You can read the other person's wall
5. You can still re-add each other as friends

These are some of the key differentiators  when it comes to blocking or unfriending someone on Facebook. So read the above points to help you decide which one is right. Please leave a comment with what you think about this topic. 

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