Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to make free phone calls using Google+

Google+ Hangouts has a new really cool feature, the ability to make free voice calls. Currently the feature is available only in Canada and the US and people from other countries will not be able to make calls. Google+ will benefit a lot of people by adding this feature to other countries as well.

How to make free voice calls on Google+
The ability to make free phone calls using Google+ hangouts is a feature called 'Hangouts with extras'
1. Click this link to go to hangouts with extras on Google+
2. Click on start hangout
3. Once your hangout starts click on 'invite'
4. Click on the phone link and you can enter the numbers of up to two participants.

With this comes the freedom to stay on your favorite social network and calls your friends whenever you want. The whole thing is so simple and easy to setup. A definite must have for people online. For people who regularly use hangouts the possibilities are limitless as to the fun that can be had with this cool feature. 

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