Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to turn off, stop or disable Carrier IQ on your iPhone

Carrier IQ has caused quiet a stir on the web lately and this is after a researcher named Trevor Eckhart discovered that the program was able to track all that you do and transmit the same to mobile carriers. According to him the program is able to track keystrokes, battery life, Apps and a host of other things that SmartPhone users do. 

What is Carrier IQ: Carrier IQ is a software company located in Mountain View, California. It provides mobile analytics to the wireless industry. 

Why is has caused a stir: Carrier IQ has been recording users information like geo-location and transmitting the same without allowing users to opt-out. Recording detailed keystrokes of users and transmitting the same is actually against the law.

With this is mind you might want to turn off or disable Carrier IQ on your iPhone and you can do this in four easy steps. This will take care of the problem and your data will not be transmitted to mobile carriers. 

To turn off or disable carrier IQ on the iPhone
1. Settings > General > About > Diagnostics and Usage, and now tap "Don't Send".
2. You're done 

Disable carrier IQ on iOS 5.
To disable Carrier IQ on iOS 5, on iPhone iOS 5 users should select - Settings app, tap "Location Services," and then tap "System Services" at the bottom of the pane. Toggling "Diagnostics & Usage" to the "Off" position will disable Carrier IQ.

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