Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to know what gifts to give your Facebook friends - Use Shopycat

The next time you're sitting in front of your PC or using Facebook on your favorite gadget wondering what to gift a fb freind. There could be help at hand. Shopycat the new Facebook App can help you with suggestions. Once you give the App access to your account you can then enter your friend's name to get suggestions of gifts they might like. The App works in a fairly simple way. Once installed it will analyze your friend's like and dislikes - no pun intended, analyze their conversations to build a list of their interest and likes. This is then put forth in front of you, with suggestions of matching gifts. I installed the App and keyed in a friend's name and the App told be he likes Mohammed Ali and Boxing. This was spot on as he has just got himself a new punching bag. So the App can be quiet accurate and come up with some amazing gift suggestions.

The App has been developed by @WalMartLabs and comes from the Social Media arm of the giant retailer. So once the App analyzes your friend's interest, likes, conversations and activity, it will inform you what they like and a whole list of gift items are thrown up from WalMart and partner sites Barnes & Noble, NBC Universal and RedEnvelope. You can then click away and start sending your Facebook pals some cool gifts. 

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