Friday, December 2, 2011

YouTube New Look

Finally the new YouTube has been rolling out to users across the world. The first thing you notice with the new look is that YouTube has gone from more white to dark and grey. The internet's most popular video site seeks to become more popular with the ability to watch videos easily and bring in more users. With this Google'S YouTube seeks to also make more money through it's Ad programs. With the new look YouTube will also be bringing more original video creators to the website. 

when you login you will notice that there are 3 columns, Add Channels, Subscriptions and recommendations. Clicking on Add Channels will show you a whole list of channel you might find interesting. This is recommended to you by YouTube based on your likes and dislikes and surfing habits. Subscriptions will contain all the videos from channels you have subscribed to. Recommends, are videos recommended by YouTube which again is based on your likes, videos your frequently watch and region.  

Clicking add channels will show you a whole list of channels you can choose from, from blogs to personal vloggers to film and TV, the list is endless. No matter what your interests are the site covers everything from Tech to Social Media to funny animals to science. 

Playing a video now has a black background and the entire page has a light grey shade. There will be a lot of debate for sure in the coming weeks between people who like it and people who want the old YouTube back. For now we can say that the interface is clean and has the look of a video site. With emphasis on watching - therefore the black background to each video which kind of resembles sitting back and watching a movie in a theater. 

Please let us know what you think about the new design and look in the comments section below. 

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