Friday, December 16, 2011

How to get Facebook Timeline on your Android or Mobile Phone

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Facebook have rolled out their new Timeline feature, that adds to your profile a complete history of your time spent of Facebook. It starts with the day you were born and then the year your joined Facebook. People who look at your profile can see highlights from all your years of activity on Facebook. To read more about it, please click here. So if you have enabled the New Facebook Timeline on the web you can also do so now on your Android and other Touch phones. Timeline is not yet available on iOS devices but iPhone and iPad users can still see how it looks on their touch devices.

So how does mobile timeline work on Facebook
1. Starts with your cover photo
2.  You'll see you photos, life-events and other feature stuff as it happened on Facebook.
3. Photos and other albums are horizontally swipeable
4. View multiple photos or post inline without leaving timeline
5. Swipe through views on the top of timeline to navigate maps, photos, subscriptions and more. 
6. Your photos appear much large with more visual room

Mobile timeline is now available on mobile touch devices using m.facebook.com, and Facebook for Android (version 1.8.1). Use the link above to point your mobile device and start using Facebook Timeline on your SmartPhone.

Source: Facebook Blog

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