Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Tracker 2011: Now on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the iPhone

Santa Tracker has been a NORAD tradition since 1955. The tradition started in 1995, the year when a  Colorado Springs newspaper ad invited kids to call Santa on a hotline, only problem was that the number had a mistake, and many kids ended up talking to the Continental Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD's predecessor. It is now a deep rooted tradition in NORAD - a joint US and Canada command center that monitors the northern skies and seas. 

So if you want to track Santa you can still call in or make use of social media and track him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, iPhoneAndroid Phones, Google Maps for Mobile or the web. NORAD has offered a lot of support and kids can call in or follow their favorite updates from Santa. The good folks over at NORAD say that a lot of funny requests come in and also a lot of heart-wrenching ones. Like 'heal my brother of Cancer'. Seems kids really want and expect help from Santa and are appealing to higher powers.  

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