Monday, December 12, 2011

This Website knows what you've been illegally downloading

If you have been a pirate online and been downloading illegally movies, games and music, this website knows all about you. All you BitTorrent users need to be aware that even though you think that downloading files from a file-sharing site might keep your activity anonymous. Think again, this site shows that all activity can be tracked and if you are using the same IP address for a long time, chances are that files you have been downloading have been tracked and can show up on sites like this. 

If you want your IP address to be removed from the system you will need to login with your Facebook ID and then send in your removal request. Now you might be wondering if this is something to be worried about and is it going to cause you any problems. Well the site owners say not really. This is more for novelty purposes and to send a message. You need to keep a track of what your downloading and maybe even cover your cyber footprints.

This site can show your IP address and says that you have downloaded need For Speed. So don't worry the site is just a joke with a serious message. You can also use it to scare your friends. The reason for this is as everyone knows is that probably very few people can say that they have not tried to download something that was not legal. Maybe just something simple as an eBook. 

What the site has:
Able to tracker 20% of all torrent downloads
What the site can do:
Tracking 100% of all BitTorrent downloads is doable and possible according to the site

This is all possible and can be done but youhavedownloaded.com is not here to spread your downloading activity across the web for all to see. Take care however as this is a grey area as large as it can get. That is the message from the site owners.


Check the image below to see what the site owners have to say about the whole thing.

So please check the site out and use the comments section below to tell us if they have any scoop on you. 

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