Friday, December 30, 2011

TuneWiki App now available for free on Windows Phone 7

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TuneWiki the popular Music and Lyrics streaming site is now available on WP7 for free. The highlight of the service is the ability to play music with synchronized lyrics. In addition to listening and checking out the song lyrics you can even comment and discuss the same with other users. Once you like a song you can also share the same with your friends. If you have the lyrics to a song you can also share it with your network of friends. The lyrics to each song can also be translated into 40+ languages. So no matter where you are in this world you can listen to your favorite songs and get the lyrics in your local language as well. 

Another popular feature with TuneWiki is the ability to listen to songs and then comment on and discuss the meaning of the song and what the lyrics actually mean. This is one really cool and fun feature as you know we are always trying to find out what a song really means and sometimes we also look for hidden meanings. The app also has a feature know as SongBox - this is the place to go to to see what your friends are listening to and talking about. You can also use Song Maps and real-time Top Chats to discover popular and nice music from around the world. So check out this free WP7 app and let us know what you think in the comments section below.
TuneWiki app for Windows Phone 7

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