Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wikistream will let you see Wikipedia's activity in real-time

This little project with let you see in real-time how busy Wikipedia is and how many folks around the world are actively involved in editing and making the resource we have all come to love, simply amazing. With wikistream you can choose which language you want to see edited and you can also decide if you want to watch articles, templates, photos and categories being edited.

The web app is really cool to give you an insight into how much keeps going on on Wikipedia every single second. The stream never seems to stop not even for a second. There is always something going on this have made it into the phenomenon that it has become today. You will discover that articles keep getting tweaked and info is added all the time. 

The project explains itself this way
wikistream is an experimental visualization of realtime edits in major language Wikipedias.Every time someone updates or creates a Wikipedia article you will see it ever so briefly in this list. And if someone uploads an image file to the Wikimedia Commons you should see the image background update.

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