Monday, January 2, 2012

Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook Timeline is now always in the news and one of the popular features of the new timeline is the cover. This is the large section where you can place a nice cover for your profile and people who visit your Facebook will see this first. This is meant to make a first impression and set the tone for your Timeline. If you do not want to upload and image of yourself or any other cover photo you might have. There are now many websites online that are offering you free covers that you can use. Some of them are funny, others have attitude and some tell the world that you are the king of Facebook. All to add a little bit of spark and creativity to your new Facebook Timeline. After all this is what people see when they first visit you on Facebook. 

How to install, set up or add a Facebook Timeline Covers
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on 'Add Cover'
3. You can now choose from photos available in your albums or upload a photo.
If you are going to use any of the services mentioned below you would need to select a photo and then follow the process mentioned above to install your new Facebook Cover or banner.

Please find below a lit of websites that offer free Timeline cover images that you can use.
1. A Facebook App that allows you to easily add covers. Once you authorize the app you then have to choose a cover that you like and select it. You will then have to go to your Facebook album and choose the same album and add it as a cover. 
2. Facebookprofilecovers.com allows you to add a cover by selecting an image. Again you will need to go to your photo album titled 'my Facebook cover' to install your cover. 
You can also use the below Facebook pages to search for covers
Facebook Timeline Covers
Timeline Coves
MyFbCovers is also a free service that allows you to use cover images
There you have it, if you think we have missed out a good service that needs to be added to this list. Please do let us know in the comments section below.

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