Sunday, January 1, 2012

Skype: How to turn on your Mic

This post is because over the holidays was chatting with family from all over the world and one of them had a problem with the Microphone settings on Skype. The problem was that all the mic's on the system were working perfectly. Internal mic, headset mic and all - with all this their voice was still not carrying across the web and we could not hear the person. The problem turned out that the Audio Settings in Skype needed to be turned on. You would think that this would have been the default setting once you download Skype, it mostly is but sometimes you need to physically set it up.

How to set-up your Skype microphone
Use the Echo / Sound Test available once you login to Skype. To check if your microphone is on. When you use the Echo or Sound test service you will need to speak into your mic and if the message gets played back then you know it is working and your sound can be heard b the other party. If not there is a simple quick workaround.
1. Login to Skype
2. Click on Tools
3. Click on options
4. Click on Audio Settings
5. Under Microphone make sure that the Check box is ticked. This will turn on your internal mic and your should be good to go
6. You're done.
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