Sunday, January 1, 2012

What is Facebook Like-bombing?

With Facebook's 'Like' button ever so popular on the site and on websites and blogs around the web. Some people have developed the compulsion to 'Like' everything they find online. There is also the curious case of linking all your friend's status updates. So no matter whatever gets posted people tend to click on the 'Like' button. If among your friends you decide to keep a story in the trending topics on Facebook's news feed. a large group of people can keep on hitting the like button and their story is bound to stay on the top of most people's news feeds on fb. This is like-bombing and you can drop a like-bomb whenever you visit a pal's Timeline, Wall or News Feed. 

In fact this is not a bad thing especially if you go on to Company Pages on Facebook and click their 'Like' buttons you might actually stand to win something. Many companies have launched huge campaigns just to get people to like their pages. The more number of likes means more conversation around that page. There are reward points to be won and a whole new world of free gifts to be had by clicking the 'Like' button and getting lucky. Facebook has become the 'Liking' destination on the web. So if you really need to drop the bomb the like-bomb, feel free and most people actually appreciate it. Also hope you will use the power of the Facebook like-bomb on our site as well. 

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