Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Google+: How to generate internet memes

An example provided by Google+

Google+ will be rolling out a new feature in their photo sharing tool. The ability to add a ordinary photo and then using their meme generator add some text. The font will be the same that most memes use and therefore will have the look and feel of any meme that has been generated over the internet. Once you create your photo meme you can then send it to all your pals and maybe you will be the next person responsible for generating that raging meme that sweeps across the internet. 

Unlike the popular meme generator site that Reddit uses make use of. Google+ does not provide any photo templates, which means you will have to get your own photos and templates which are anyway available on the internet. The meme generator tool however will help you add text and it will look like any other popular meme found online.

How to create a meme using Google+
1. Sign-in to Google+
2. Access the photo you want to convert into an internet meme
3. Drag and drop the photo into your Google+ sharebox
4. Click the 'Add text' button

That's all that needs to be done you new meme is ready to be shared with all your pals and circles on Google+. You can read more about this roll-out which will be coming to all users over the next few days, the announcement was made by Colin McMillan from the G+ team. A meme is a popular and easy way to draw attention to a particular topic or event that might be calling for attention. 
Source: Colin McMillan from Google+

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