Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to skip through YouTube videos using the number keys

This is a simple trick that can be done easily with many benefits to it. For starters if you want to save bandwidth and watch only the important part of a videos this trick works really well. If you want to just skip through a video and see if it is really interesting then this will work for you. There maybe many others reasons not covered here but the functionality is great and will help you to skip through videos and gauge if the video is really worth the time you are going to spend watching it.

How to skip through YouTube videos.
1. Start a YouTube video
2. With your mouse click inside the video. You know when you click on a video inside the player, it pauses it.
3. Now you can use your number keys to skip through the video. if you click 3 it goes to 30% and the same thing goes for numbers 1-9. So if you click 8 it goes to 80% of the video

That's it, this is just s simple trick to help you browse through videos and checking them out without having to spend you time watching the whole video. If you are an avid YouTube user you know there is this popular comment 'This video was not worth the last 2 minutes of my life'. This and many similar comments are something all YouTube users are familiar with. Use this trick for fast and easy viewing. 

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