Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poe Toaster - Nevermore

A tradition started as far back as the 1940's has now come to an end. The famed toaster would arrive on the night on January 19 - the birth-date of Edgar Allen  Poe and leave 3 red roses and a half empty bottle of cognac. he would be dressed on a black frock, black wide-rimmed hat and a white scarf. This has been happening at least from the 1940's and fans of the tradition would arrive to watch the spectacle. Poe House and Museum Curator Jeff Jerome said that die-hard fans waited hours past the arrival time of the toaster but he failed to show, thus ending a long tradition. Jerome also said that one tradition might have does but a new one might have started. With fans coming to the graveside monument to read tributes. The Grave is located at Baltimore's Westminster Hall and his wife, cousin and object of his literary ardor, Virginia, is placed near him as well.

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