Friday, February 24, 2012

Either post apologies on Facebook or go to jail

Photo by The Enquirer, Liz Dufour

This is what a Cincinnati court ordered Mark Byron to do for a whole month. He was asked to post an apology a day to his estranged wife on his Facebook page. His wife Elizabeth Byron however has already unfriended him on Facebook and will not be able to read his apologies. Media experts and free speech advocates have begun to cry foul as this has to do with his friends. The court ruling was meant to be for him. if that were the case then why are his friends being forced to listen on Facebook to his apologies. We would like to term this as 'Social Media punishment'. You never knew till today that you might be forced by a court to pay for your mistakes on Facebook. Facebook has been made a tool for punishment. However it seems much better than spending 60 days in jail.

If you are not new to Facebook you might have also have been witness to such situations. Where a couple break-up and go their separate ways, one of them might on occasion turn to Facebook to explain their point of view. There could also be attempts to mislead or caste the other person in unfavorable light in front of their mutual friends. I have personally witnessed such cases with my Facebook friends. Seems that  this is not very uncommon and happens a lot.

In this case however the court ruled that many of his statements were  "clearly intended to be mentally abusive, harassing and annoying"  and "generate a negative and venomous response toward her from his Facebook friends." So the next time you think that turning to your Facebook friends to get even with your partner think again. 

Source: Yahoo News

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