Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What happens when you click not now on Facebook

We are answering this question because of a number of requests from our users. The question we were asked goes like this ' I sent a friend request that was not accepted but I was surprised to find that I was subscribed to that person'. You might have also had such an experience. You get a friend request and you click the 'not now' button. Technically this is what needs to happen. 

Once you click on 'Not Now' the friend request is hidden and will no longer appear on your friend request list. The person who sent you the request will not know because no notification is sent. You can confirm or delete a request later by

What happens when you click not now on Facebook1. Click on 'Friend Requests' page
2. Select 'See hidden Requests'
3. You can choose to confirm or delete friend requests from here or simply delete all your hidden requests.

So what happens when you click not now on Facebook. If on the other hand you have the 'Subscriber' button turned on, clicking on not now seems to add the person to your subscriber list. This has happened to many users. maybe you clicked on the 'Not Now' option but were yet surprised to see that person on your Subscriber list. This could also be because that person clicked on the 'Subscribe' button. Since you did choose to be able to let Facebook users choose to  follow your updates, there is nothing wrong. On the other hand a trend is starting to emerge where clicking on the 'Not Now' button adds that person as a subscriber if you have added the Subscribe button to your profile.

Although at any later time you can go back and reject their friend request. Till such time they are added as a subscriber on your profile. 

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