Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to turn-off, stop, disable or prevent YouTube from storing your video view history

YouTube has a history section for you to go to whenever you want to find a video you had watched in the past. Once you login to your YouTube account clicking on your Channel name will bring up the history section. Selecting this section will bring up a list of all video you have viewed on YouTube. This is a handy little application that all users can make good use of. However if you do not want to YouTube to remember the list of videos you have used there is an easy way to stop it.

How to stop YouTube from storing my video view history
1. You can go to your video view settings page
2. Selecting 'Pause Search History" will essentially stop YouTube from storing your the history of your video views. 

Stop YouTube Watch history
How to clear all video search history on YouTube
1. On the same page click on 'Clear All Watch History'
This will clear all your video view search history. You can also use the selection tool to remove individual videos from your search history.

Video below if you want the visuals

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