Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to delete, remove or disable all your Google Search history before Google's new privacy policy takes effect on March 1st

We can infer that many people on the internet are worried about Google's new privacy policy that is going to take effect on March 1st. Once the new policy comes into effect all Google's products will be clubbed as one  in terms of search history and privacy. So all your search history: YouTube, Google+, Google etc will be stored as one. Previously if you searched Google then your search history was stored only in relation to your search and not clubbed with your YouTube history. All this will change and all your history across all Google sites will not be clubbed together. If you are worried that particular sensitive information about you might be stored. Now is your chance to change things and remove all web history from Google. Once you remove all web history, all your search history will be erased and Google will no longer record your search and web history. So do this now and Google will stop recording all your search history across all it's products like Google, Google+ and YouTube.

How to remove and clear all search and web history on Google
1. Go to www.google.com/history
2. Click 'Remove all Web History'. Your Web history will also be paused till you enable it again.
3. You're done

Note: This does not mean that Google will not store information about you to help serve better search results etc but this info can also be demanded by the law at any time. Stopping your search history will reduce all records Google keeps about you and also protect your search privacy. 
Source: Google Support

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