Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 dying for an Internet Meme

Search as much as we may in 2012 there is no meme even appearing on the horizon to rival the great meme of 2011 - Planking. Wonderful people and pranksters on the net have truly tried to come up with a meme this year but to no avail. One of the best memes that has got at least a little bit of news if the Angelina Jolie right leg meme also know as the 'Legbomb meme'. This has Angelina and Brad Pitt coming to the Oscars and posing on the red carpet. Her right leg is seen through the thigh-high slit in her dress. Pics of the leg spread quickly across the internet like earlier memes which shows her legs appearing in all the weird places memes usually appear. The statue of liberty, the Vancouver riot kiss and pepper-spray cop just to name a few. Makes for a fun meme but does not really bring out the fun of past memes. The year 2012 so far has been parched and dry as far as internet memes are concerned. Internet users who love memes need to get their brains in overdrive to come up with something that kicks start this year and brings out a meme that is truly memorable. Until then we will need to hang-on and wait for a real meme to capture the attention of the internet masses. 

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