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4 useful resources to create your own social video broadcasts

Some of the video broadcasts on Spreecast

Things on the internet are moving pretty fast from the days of writing a blog and getting people to come and read your content to what is happening now. You can create your own video broadcast shows. Invite your friends over and let them watch. Record the show and it is there just like a YouTube video for people to view. The beat part of all these platforms is the amount of social engagement they provide. These are social networks with broadcasting power of social videos, essentially allowing people to view your video broadcast and engage socially. Once you create your video broadcast you can then save the same and embed it on your blog or website for more interaction with your users. 

1. Spreecast

With Spreecast there is no software to be downloaded and installed. Using your webcam and browser you can meet with upto 4 people for face-to-face conversations and many others can just watch in real-time. While all this is going on people can then tweet, chat and comment and post questions to those on screen. Once your broadcast is over you can record it for use on your blog or website or allow users on Spreecast to watch it. 

2. OnTheAir
This is one site for you to meet interesting people through live video chat. Creating communities of individuals who are like minded. If your familiar with concept of groups then OnTheAir works something like that but through video. So you can join a group of people and chat with them. So if you like to talk to people who like Aeronautics there will be a community for that and you can chat through video and meet and discuss with people who also like the same subject. You can also create a live broadcast channel and invite people to speak. All broadcasts will have social engagement like chat, Facebook access and Twitter access for easy tweeting and sharing with friends on Facebook.

3. Google+ Hangouts On Air

We have already written about Google Hangouts on air which essentially allows you to create a video broadcast with 9 people on screen. So 9 people can be interacting with each other while the same can be viewed by a large number of people. To get started you will need a Google+ account and then it is fairly simple to start your broadcast. The only limitation is that you cannot record your broadcast. You can however user services like Screenr or Screen-cast-o-matic to record your hangouts and they embed it in your blog or website or upload it to your YouTube channel. 

3. Airtime

Branding itself as a social video company Airtime essentially allows users to create a social video broadcast with users can then engage social and interact with. There is not too much to disclose about the service since it is still in beta and the site has a Facebook button for you to apply for early access. Video broadcasts are the main theme of Airtime and the service seems to point right now towards meeting new people through video and video broadcasts.

Let us know your feedback in the comments section below and also let us know if you have missed any services that belong to this space.

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