Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Add people to acquaintances on Facebook

Facebook has another big idea that has been rolled out and it is called  Acquaintances lists. We have covered it before and specifically addressed the issue of adding people to your restricted lists. Now with the new Acquaintances lists feature Facebook will suggest users to be added to this list. Now you might be wondering what happens when people are added to this list. Once added to this list they will not be notified and they will not be unfriended. This way you get to see fewer updates from them and this will cause you to forget them in a way and not unfriend them. Unfriending is becoming very popular on Facebook and a lot of users have to face the disappointment of being unfriended. This according to Facebook is a much more dignified way or keeping updates from people you are not really familiar with out of your news feed. It will also aim to cutting down on unfriending people.

Add people to acquaintances on Facebook

How to add people to your Acquaintances on Facebook list without letting them find out.

1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on this link to visit your friends page and then click on Acquaintances list 

3. Under list suggestions you can click on 'See All suggestions'

4. A tick mark on anyone would mean you want to add them to the list

5. Once you have finished clicking on all the people you want in the list, Click on 'Add To Acquaintances'

6. You're done.

This feature is now live and you can start using it right-away. Will be useful to see less from certain people.


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