Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Facebook game 'Monstermind' Unleashes New Campaign Mode

BAFTA award winning Facebook game Monstermind have announced a whole new in-game mode. This extra addition will be added to the already famous head-to-head version. The addition will  be the inclusion of a world map and a dossier filled with evil baddies. Adding a new tactical element to the game. There is also the addition of new brain-busting puzzles to help players withstand attacks from b-movie monsters already roaming around. There is also a Player-Vs-player mode to join together and fight against other cities as well. If you do use this and are successful you can become the new World Dominater of 'Monstermind'. The whole release will help you take on new enemies, explore unknown territories and become the master of Monstermind. Once you become the master the whole world will be at your service and you can create Zombies out of all. The game that brings the excitement to live out all your evil fantasies on Facebook and have a lot of fun with all your friends who essentially are your enemies on Monsterworld.
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