Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Best Search Engines for Kids

If you have kids at home as a parent you will want them to be internet educated while kept away from things not suitable for children. There are a whole lot of things out there that kids would need to be kept away from. Keeping this in mind we decided to compile a list of search engines for kids. This way things remain safe and you can be assured that as far as possible unwanted content is filtered out. kids however are so net-savvy that they figure out ways to get to what they want. With these safe searches there are a whole lot of filters in place to ensure that as far as possible things are kept really safe.

Yahoo Kids: Built for kids this search portal from Yahoo caters to the inquisitive mind of a child. Formerly know as Yahooligan the search portal offers games, jokes, sports, eCards etc. 

KidZui Browser: This is a browser that needs to be downloaded first to be used. This is a whole lot of content curated by parents and offers kid friendly YouTube videos, online games and websites. Everything that is allowed through this browser has been pre-screened by parents, teachers and editorial staff.


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