Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MobiTexter: Use your web browser to send and receive SMS or Text [Android]

There are a number of app available for you to download and use for sending and receiving text messages on your web browser. MobiText is one of them and once you download the app you can Sync you Android phone contacts with your PC and then keep up your SMS and Text addiction with the same. Once you send a text message using the app the message is delivered instantaneously and therefore no wait time. So with this app you can be away from your phone and still send and receive SMS or Text. 

MobiTexter: How does it work
Once you download the app it syncs your existing phone contacts to your email account. As soon as you receive a text message it shows on your web browser and this way even if you are away from your phone you can reply to the text message and it is sent in real-time which means there is no delay in sending or receiving messages. So once you download the app you will then need to register your email ID with the app. After this you can choose to sync your SMS and contacts and access them directly on mobitexter.net. From there you can access your Inbox and compose messages and send. messages that appear here are from your phone. Deleting a message here does not remove it from your phone. The thing about all this is that you have your keyboard at your service for fast and easy typing of SMS or Text messages.
Download Mobitexter at the Google Play store.

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