Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Use BPMinus will slow your music down without changing the pitch [Student Guide]

This Windows software comes in handy for musician's who want to play around with their recordings. This handy little app once downloaded will be able to slow down you music or speed it up without altering the pitch. This is especially good if you are a student and want to learn a piece of music at your own pace, with no compromise on music quality. Comes in handy when you want to learn each note in the awesome new lead you want to play on your guitar. This Audio Editing software will let you really work on your music and adjust the tempo, pitch, audio mix and equalizer settings on your piece of music. You can play around with your music track as much as you like and still maintain the original sound quality. Audio editing is not just about cutting out a piece of music from the original track but actually adjusting the volume, pitch temp beat and equalizer settings for optimal sound and more so for the desired sound effect.

Once your download BPMinus you can then add all the songs you want to edit and you can also set a song or music of piece to loop. After which you will be able to adjust tempo, pitch, audio mix and equalizer settings and save each piece. If you are a student or a teacher you could use this in a classroom setting to slow down music and learn all the notes at your own pace, with no compromise on sound.  This is not a complete guide on how it works and more can be found out by visiting BPMinus on the web. There are also support forums available for you to meet and chat with other users.  

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