Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can you disable Pokes on Facebook?

The Facebook Poke is one of the most basic and fundamental of all Facebook features if I may say so. Facebook users' use the Poke feature in a variety of ways, to start a conversation especially with an ex, helps users in their fb flirting expeditions and also just a fun way to say hi.But can you disable pokes on Facebook?. Whatever way you use the poke button on Facebook there are some users that have might have had enough and want to get rid of it. Unfortunately though that is not a possibility and you cannot get rid of this feature. It is here to stay and is a part of Facebook's social media culture. You can however get rid of the individual pokes that people might have sent you.

Disbale Facebook poke

How to delete or remove a Facebook poke

1. Login to Facebook
2. Locate the poke you want to delete on the right-hand side panel
3. Hover over it and click the (x) mark that appears
4. You're done and that poke should disappear
Note: Removing a poke allows the other person to poke you again. So if you don't want to keep receiving pokes from that person, keep the poke and do not delete it. 
This way you can ensure that you delete a get rid of a poke but the functionality will remain as it is an integral part of Facebook. Unless of course Facebook decides to get rid of the Poke. 

Note: To prevent further pokes from a user on Facebook. This is the workaround - once you get a poke. Just leave it intact. Don't click on it and acknowledge it. This way the person will not be able to poke you again. As this is something that is integral to Facebook and you cannot totally get rid of Facebook Pokes.

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