Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Songster Facebook Game App will help you create music and become the next Rockstar

There is a fantastic new gaming app on Facebook called Songster. Join this new game to start creating music which you can share with your friends and other people on Facebook. It is a cool music app that will help you create some nice music. Bring out the inner Rockstar in you and hopefully the next viral music hit comes from you right from your Facebook profile. The creators of the game Mowgli say that this was created with adding value in mind. People who play this game will get the benefit of actually creating music which gets listened to and get upvoted depending on the Likes it receives.

Songster Facebook game: How does it work
Once you click on play game you are taken inside the app and invited by Penny a struggling musician who needs help completing a piece of music. The game then proceeds from there with you playing local gigs till you reach the top with music contracts and arenas. You can choose from country, nip-hop rock or electronica to get started. You can then start creating your music by adding drums, bass, lead and vocals. You have different beats and leads to choose from. There are also vocals you can add and this is all when you first start the game. You have a virtual assistant to help you practice. Once you finish the practicing you can then move you the ladder. All the music is available to you in song packs. There are a whole lot of level and as usual there is also an energy bar. You can preview song packs - a pack that comes with all instruments and vocals that you would need to create your next song. Cash used in the game is called Songster Cash. You can then head-off to play at various venues to gain rewards and xp. You also have some popular songs to choose from which all broken into loops. This way you can mix and match just like a DJ would do. Completeing a song will gain you Songster Cash and XP. Downloading you sing will cost you real $$$. This is a simple brief of the game. So please let us know in the comments your thoughts on this new Game. It was announced and launched at the SXSW in Austin and is so new it is still in Beta.
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