Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest: How to track content being pinned from your site, blog or store

If you have still not found yourself wandering onto Pinterest and walking through all the gardens, bridal stores, places of beauty, exotic foods and so on, you have missed the darling social site of 2012. Pinterest is a place for you to create pins of your favorite photos and videos on the internet. So if you like gardens, you can pin all your favorite garden pics found on the internet onto your garden board. Poeple can view it and like your pin or follow your board. This is helping drive huge amounts of traffic to sites across the internet. It is also driving sales as people are pinning their favorite gadgets and things they like to buy. Which in turn is adding sales. So if you are someone who is running a website, blog, ecommerce web store or anything else. You might want to check and see if content from your website is being pinned on Pinterest. We are going to look at one simple way to do this on the web.

Simply go to:
Click enter and you can see all the content from you blog, website or store found on Pinterest. If content is not yet found it is time to start doing something about it. Pinterest can change and increase traffic to your site. With added traffic you get added sales. There are other ways to keep a search and find your content on Pinterest by checking out the link below.
Source: Mashable

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