Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Use CCFinder to find free images and stock photos with a creative commons licence

CCFinder (Creative Commons Finder) is a freeware software that can be downloaded and used to find images with a creative commons licence on the web. Images with a creative commons licence can be used for free on your website or blog and in fact you can even charge for them. The reason you might want to use these images is because there is no fear of someone asking you to taken down these images from your site. They are free to use and you can make use of them according to your discretion. Once uploaded to your site or blog they belong to you. Takes away all the hassle and bother and allows you to keep doing, what you do best. These images can also be used in videos with no problem at all. 

CCFinder is a Windows based app that lets you search and find images on the net that you can use personally.  Once you download and install CCFinder you can then begin to search for images. Once you begin your search you have the following options to choose from - freely usable images, images that require reference, images of photos that may not be used without permission and a few other options. Choose the option that best suits you and begin your search for free stock photos or images. Once you find a free stock photo that you would like to use you can then click on the image to enlarge and find further options like - saving the image or photo, opening the website that the photo is hosted on or set the image as a desktop wallpaper. CCFinder requires .NET Framework 4.0 to work. 
Download CCFinder to find free stock photos and images

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