Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Use Bounce to help you never be late again for a meeting or appointment

This little Android App will help you be on time. Whether it is for an official meeting or an appointment with your doctor. The app does a whole lot of calculations and then lets you know when it's time for you to leave and begin your journey so that you show up on time and stick to all your meeting deadlines. Important for people who just seem to find it so difficult to make it on time for a meeting. This is an Android App with an iPhone app in the works. 

Bouce: How does it work
Once the app is installed on your phone it will integrate with all your appointments like Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange etc. It will then run in the background and will use your GPS, Calendar and Traffic Data to calculate how long before you need to set out on your journey. The App takes a lot into consideration and calculates the time taken to travel factoring in the traffic situation and provides a reminder up to 60 minutes before you need to leave. There is also a configurable option to factor in things like finding parking or waiting for the kids etc. So if you find yourself as a person who seems to run a little late to meetings then this app might be a great way to remind yourself about where you need to be and get up and start heading out.
Bounce on Google Play

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