Monday, March 19, 2012

How to change Gmail's new button labels to text or icons

With Gmail's new look comes all the text buttons converted to buttons with logos. This might seem a bit confusing to some people just for the simple fact that we are used to the old text labels. So if you are one of those people who would rather have text bales rather that button labels help is at hand. In fact those text buttons used to be permanent fixtures but now only when you click on the text box do the options on top appear. Every Gmail user is familiar with those buttons - Archive, Spam , Delete, Move to, Labels and More. Users of email usually become very familiar with their Inbox layout and can usually do their usual tasks with their eyes closed. When there is a change it always takes a little time to adjust and get bacl to normal. So if you have become comfortable with the old text labels in Gamil, here is how to get them back.

How to change and toggle between text and button labels in Gmail
1. Login to Gmail
2. Click on the cog icon
3. Choose settings
4. Scroll down and beside 'Button Labels' choose between Icons and Text
5. You're done

This way you can toggle back and forth and choose the view your labels in Gmail either as Text or Icons.

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