Monday, March 12, 2012

How to set your computer's clock to the correct time

You might have often wondered how to find out what the exact time is and how to set my computer's clock to the right time. There are many webapps that allow you to check what the exact time at your location currently is. Webapp allows you to see what the correct time is right now in your part of the world and you can use it to set your PC's time to be most accurate. Once you login to the app you get to see what the time is and if you computer is a few seconds off there should be no need to change it. Because uses something called the Atomic Clock which is the most accurate time in the world. 

If you do use the app you can also customize it to your timezone and also compare time-zones across the globe. If fact the makers of the app say you can check the time across 7 million locations worldwide. If you're in the US automatically syncs to daylight savings time even if you computer clock doesn't.  The app even goes a little further to give you sunset and sunrise times, info on which timezone a place belongs to, integrated Google Maps and population numbers of a particular area. There is also key information about every country in the world. You can find out the each time in any country in the world and compare it to where you ti find out time-differences. It is a fun and interesting app and you could also find good uses for it. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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