Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to start using Siri Dictation on the new iPad

The new iPad is out but does not come with one feature many iOS users would have wanted. The personal assistant of the iPhone 4S is missing. Siri unfortunately did not make it on the new iPad and there might be a couple of reasons why that happened, we have written about the reasons in a previous post. What is available on the new iPad is a Siri style dictation app that can be used.

How does dictation work on the new iPad
It is not a sophisticated app in the sense it's functionality is quiet simple, all you need to do is to turn it on and talk into the iPad and everything gets recorded and transcribed into words. This is a voice-to-text solution that works by entering words into a text field as you speak. You are given a chance to enable voice dictation during initial setup. You can however turn-on or off, enable or disable whenever you wish.

How to enable, start or turn-on dictation on the new iPad
Start by visiting Settings > General > Keyboard > Dictation.

What happens once you enable dictation
Once enabled you will see an extra key with a mic present on the keyboard. Tapping on the mic will launch dictation. Once your done speaking tap on the mic once again. You will see three blinking dots for a few seconds and you text converted text will be placed into the text field.

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