Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to use Facebook Full Site on your phone

The reason for this post is simple. If you use Facebook on your SmartPhone, iPhone, Android Phone or Tablet. You land on the mobile version of Facebook. The mobile version is quiet stripped down and you do not get the full Facebook experience like you would on a desktop. You can still however still have the full Facebook site experience on your phone with just a few steps. Also the App on the phone does not offer full functionality and sometime you just want to have all options available to you on your phone.

There are a couple of ways to access the full Facebook site on your phone

1. Type this address into your phone browser
Remember home.php after

2. On the iPhone

Go to
Tap on more
Tap on 'Desktop Site'
Note: Avoid tapping the Facebook logo or your name as it will take you to the mobile version once again.

3. On your Android phone

Open Browser
Open Facebook
Tap on more
Tap on 'Desktop Site'

With this you will be able to full Facebook full site and not the mobile version on your phone.

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