Monday, March 12, 2012

Mashable sold to CNN for $200 million??? [Rumor]

Pete Cashmore

It is being rumored at SXSW that CNN will acquire Mashable. This according to Reuters blogger Felix Salmon. The announcements he says according to one insider is going to be announced on  March 12. The deal he says is upwards of 200 million and is quiet big a deal considering that previous deals ended in tears especially the one when AOL bought TechCrunch. Mashable however is known by the masses and rose to fame covering Social Media. The blog has over 50 million monthly page-views and whose regular followers login at least once a day. This will be a huge deal - this marriage of old and new media. So we need to wait and see if this really is true and Felix seems quit confident  about it you can see from the video below.  The Blog was founded by Pete Cashmore in his home in Aberdene, Scotland in 2005. This blog has changed the entire landscape of social media with its constant cheer-leading of social media and related markets that have emerged. From a one-man writer blog this property has become one of the premier blog reader destinations on the web. 
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