Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video: JetBlue Pilot Meltdown March 27, 2012 Flight 191

By now you have probably already heard about the JetBlue pilot meltdown midair. A video of the incident has been uploaded to YouTube and has already crossed a million views. The incident happened en-route to Las Vegas and the plain had to make an emergency landing in Texas. The pilot suffered a medical situation and began to talk and act incoherently. Saying things like September 11, Iraq, Iran and terrorists. The video offers a Birdseye view along the isles as the incident is taking place. CNN ha also reported that the pilot is being charged with interfering with crew members. All the videos found on YouTube have more likes than dislikes and even the video below has comments disabled. The entire incident is quiet disturbing and have upset people. What happens in the sky gets reported down on earth. Once the pilot started acting crazy the first officer locked himself in the cabin and asked passengers to subdue the pilot. Out of nowhere 6 to 7 big-made guys appeared and subdued him in a matter of moments. Take a look at the video below and leave a comment with what you think about the incident in the comments section below.

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