Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Google+ Hangout Apps - Spice up your face-to-face interactions

Google + Hangouts get Apps. That's right now when you are on your Google Hangout you can now add an extra layer and spice up your Hangout with amazing Apps. Google+ had launched their Hangouts API a few months ago for developers to take advantage of and build-in apps that might be useful and fun to all +ers. The result is that a whole lot of handy little hangouts web apps and being launched to give your hangouts that little extra touch that can go a long way.  Google+ hangouts with extras already came with Google documents integration, which is really good for business meetings online. The hangout apps take things to a whole new level.

Here are some of the Google+ hangout apps that have been launched

1. +Aces Hangout for playing poker with your friends
2. +Cacoo - this amazing app is what you need to conduct your business meeting online. You can share diagrams with other members in the hangout and no matter how far away everyone is, you will feel in the same room with the whiteboard. Good for for wire-framing, mind-mapping and diagramming with others.
3. Google effects -  The app is good for trying on headware, eyewear and facial hair. Just the goofy type or app you need to have fun with your pals
4. +Scoot & Doodle - add this app and you can start drawing and coloring with your friends.
5. +SlideShare - The app that lets you co-view presentations, docs and videos. This is another handy app for business and team meetings to be conducted on Google hangouts. You can now collaborate with your presentation while on a hangout. 

How to access and use Apps for Google Hangouts

Now when you start your hangout you will see a new 'Apps' button on the top of your screen. Click on it to start using hangout apps. Once you click on it you will see both feature and recent hangouts apps. It is being rolled out in a phased manner so if you don't have it as yet, just wait for a few days.

If you are a developer and would like to get started building your own hangout app, head over here to get started. Once your app is ready you can then share it with the entire Google+ community. 
Source: Apps for Google+ Hangouts  Amit Fulay - Google+

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  1. There is also an unofficial google hangout apps directory since google only has 8 featured apps.. its at