Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is Apple going to do with its $100b cash reserves

Apple has been quiet about all the money in the bank, currently close to $100B. That is a lot of money and they have more cash in hand than the US government. With all that money and all the speculation as to what needs to be done with it. Investors are also hoping to get a piece of the pie in the form of dividends. Well the wait is over and on Monday, March 19, 2012, Tim Cook (CEO) and Peter Oppenheimer (CFO) of Apple are going to talk about their big plans for the cash. Via conference call the duo will update people on nothing but cash, cash and more cash. They will however not be speaking about this quarter but only about cash.

So speculation is rife as to what on earth is Apple going to do with the money. Probably buy a few smaller companies, a dividend - something Apple has not given from 1995. Most analysts say that a dividend is highly expected as this is something to help investors happy and boost sales of the new iPad. The new iPad has been available since last week and comes with retina-display and a faster processor. maybe there will finally be a philanthropic effort from the company as it begins to seek goodwill from people.  So follow the link below to read the full alert and find out how you can join the conference call for free and listen in to the two biggies from Apple.
Apple press release regarding its Cash spending plans

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