Friday, April 6, 2012

Check and clear all Apps that have access to your Email and Social Media accounts

MyPermissions is a web app that helps you get one thing done. Shows you all the apps you have approved for all you Social Media and email accounts. So once you open the app and decide to get cleaning, you can click on any icon to get started. So once you click on let's say the Facebook icon. You Facebook apps settings page opens up and from there you might even be surprised as to how many apps you have given permission to. From there you can start cleaning up apps and revoking permission to apps you don't use or need anymore. It works for almost all popular services out there, like Google accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, DropBox, Instagram, Flickr, Yahoo, AOL and FourSqure to name a few. 

This webapp is very easy to use and there is no sign-in to be bothered about. All you need to do is to open the app and be signed-in to the service you want to clean. You can then check all the apps you have given permission to on Twitter and if you are a long term users over a period of time there might have been a number of apps, that have permission to access your Twitter account. This is quick and only takes two minutes in which to clean up all your social media accounts and also see who has access to your accounts. Since finding permission pages on social sites can be tricky MyPermissions takes you straight to the page that has all you apps access settings and this way cuts down on a lot of time needed to search and delete. You can also set the app to send you a monthly reminder to check your app permissions. 

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