Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to send web pages, PDFs or documents to your Kindle

So if you are surfing the web and find interesting content that you might want to read later on your Kindle there is now an easy way to do so. Available for your Windows and MAC PC - Amazon's Send To Kindle desktop App makes things easy and lets you easily send stuff to your Kindle for easy reading. Once you download the app onto your PC you can then easily use functions like drag-and-drop to send articles or documents to your Kindle. You can also use the print option and choose print and then send to Kindle. Once you do this a PDF version of the webpage or document is then sent to your Kindle reader. 

How does it work

Once you download the App on your PC or MAC it installs as a virtual printer. So using that virtual printer you can choose to transfer any page to your Kindle by using that printer. Which will then transfer any web page to your kindle in PDF format. Handy if you send a lot of PDF or DOC files to your Kindle.
You could select the documents you want to transfer by selecting documents in Windows Explorer or Finder on MAC, and then choose 'Send to Kindle' from the menu. The App can transfer PDFs, images, documents and text files. 

You can also use the same app to transfer documents from your desktop to devices that have the Kindle app on them. So this means you can use the same app to send documents to your Android, iPhone and iPad devices. 
Send to Kindle for PC
Send to Kindle for MAC

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