Sunday, April 22, 2012

iPad: How to turn on 1080p video

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1080p or the shortened form for HD video and is available on the new iPad. High-Definition videos are fun to watch on the new iPad but before you do so you will first need to enable it on the new iPad before you can enjoy your videos in HD. So here's how to toggle 1080p video on your new iPad.

1. Go to iTunes and make sure you have the latest version installed. Tap on iTunes and then on 'Check for updates'. Make sure you have iTunes version 10.6 or higher.
2. In the iTunes menu tap in iTunes > preferences > store 
3. Underneath automatic downloads you find 'When Downloading high definition Videos, prefer (720p) click the down arrow and choose 1080p.
4. Click 'Ok' to close window

Now whenever you want to download movies or other videos for iTunes. iTunes will know you want only 1080p videos. This is the way to toggle 1080p videos on your iPad. Check the video below for more info and see how it's done.

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