Thursday, April 26, 2012

LinkedIn: How to leave a group

Once of the first things that many professionals who join LinkedIn do, is to find groups that they might like and then join a group. Sometimes however the group does not quiet deliver as promised and can actually become quiet a headache, in the sense that you keep getting updates that are no longer relevant to you. There are many other reasons however as to why you might choose to leave or unsubscribe from a Group. Leaving the membership of the group means you will have to reapply for membership in most groups. Especially groups that are quiet closed. Leaving, unsubscribing or becoming a non-member of a LinkedIn group is quiet easy and you can follow the steps below to get it done ASAP.

How to leave a LinkedIn Group
1. Login to LinkedIn
2. Click on Groups and then Your Groups to get the complete list of groups you have joined on LinkedIn
3. Click on the group you want to leave
4. Click on 'More' found as the last tab button beside the heading of the group
5. Click on 'Your Settings'
6. At the bottom right-hand corner you find a greyed out link 'Leave group'
7. Click it and you're done.

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