Saturday, April 28, 2012

Skype Humoticons: How to create your own [Facebook App]

Skype launched a campaign to bring back humanity into our world of social networking. Called 'It's time for Skype', meaning more face to face is better and brings real conversations back into the lives of people. Unlike staying in touch using 140 characters (think Twitter) and upgrade from a wall post to a first grade conversations. As part of this campaign Skype has launched something called humoticons, this is just like emoticons that everyone is used to with one little difference. You can use your own face and create a Humoticon with your own face and personality. This can be shared on a special page on Skype as well as a sharing option. There is a URL attached to every Humoticon you create so you can share it with freinds. Next time you or your pals are chatting they can use your Humoticon while chatting. Some people think this is quiet Bizarre but if you look at some of the Humoticons people are building they are quiet funny and entertaining. 

The above pic illustrates classic emoticons like the wink, the smile, tongue out, blushing, devil, sky and heart etc. Now think of Humoticons as classic emoticons but with your own face bring out all the feelings and emotions of the emotion you want to portray. I can already see some people's Humoticons becoming viral on the internet. To get started you the link found at the end of this post and this is a Facebook app and if logged-in you can start immediately. 

So will you create your own Humoticon and what do you think about this move from Skype - comments section below to sound off. 
Skype Humoticons - Create your own or go directly to the Facebook like here

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