Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Video: Raw Footage Tornadoes strike Dallas-Fort Worth area - 18-wheelers tossed in the air

A tornado touches down in Lancaster, Tex., south of Dallas. tearing through the Dallas area Tuesday, peeling away roofs off homes, tossing big-rig trucks (18 wheelers) into the air and leaving flattened tractor-trailers strewn along highways and parking lots. The videos below show some of the action. The first video has been uploaded by YouTuber wesstevens and shows footage of Stevens pulling over to prevent being blown over. You can see the twister approaching his car as the Tornado closes in. The video has also been featured on CBS news. The second video is a Ariel view of the Tornado picking up big-rig trucks and tossing them high into the air. The tornadoes also bring a miracle as there have been no deaths reported. trucks and trailers have been tossed around and roofs of house have been blown off but no one has had to have taken to the hospital. 

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.

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