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Craigslist: How to sell

If you live in a city that has an active Craigslist community you're in luck. As items on Craigslist can get sold quiet fast. You cannot actually be sure about which items are going to be sold the fastest but sometimes items you put up for sale will actually sell faster than you think. Another good thing about Craigslist is that when you have an interested buyer you can set up a meeting and deal in cold hard cash. On Craigslist it is all about cash and the only other criteria is that your city needs to have an active Craigslist community. It is growing around the world and becoming more and more popular in the US it tops but Craigslist has been expanding into other local areas across the world and aims to be a premier services locally in a host of other countries.

How to get started:
Once you have decided on the items you want to sell you will need to get them cleaned-up and ready for a photo. You stand a better chance of selling stuff if you have a photo of the item on Craigslist. So clean up your item and take a nice photo, this will be used on Craigslist so that potential buyers can have a good looks at the goods before initiating a sale. 

Deciding on a price:
You can quickly do a little research and check out other people selling the same or similar items either on Craigslist or eBay. You will get a fair idea about how much you need to price your item. Too costly and the buyer can go elsewhere.

Once on Craigslist choose your city and under 'For Sale' choose the appropriate category. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your item. To get started you can use the post to classifieds button found on the top right-hand corner. Once you are finished with choosing a location you can now enter the title, description, price and specific location. You will now need to click on edit images to add an image. When entering your email you can either choose to hide it or  anonymize it. Once done you can go ahead with the posting. You will get an email confirming your posting, keep this safe as it will be required to either edit or take you posting down after a sale has been accomplished.

Selling and avoiding being scammed:
Stick with cash and deal only with local people. Once you and a buyer have agreed to a transaction make it known that there will be no re-negotiations when you meet face-to-face. What happens is that when the buyer meets the seller he or she might offer a lower amount then the one promised during the email exchanges. So be very clear, this happens because the buyer might try to get a last minute bargain. Choose a meeting place that is very public like a popular cafe with lots of people around. You can view Craiglist's own tips over here

If you are not able to sell:
Means your product is not in demand and you can now go back to the good old barter system and try to exchange it for another item.

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