Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook: How to block game app requests [Shortcuts]

You know how you keep getting game requests from friends and the same keeps coming to you all the time.  Every time a notification comes into your notifications on your globe icon it is these silly game requests. I have friends who even post status updates declaring their independence from games and how they do not want to be disturbed with constant game invites and yes app invites also. Facebook now has an easy solution to stop game requests from a particular app. This is just a two step process and can be done from your notifications settings itself. So here we go.

How to block, stop, or disable game app requests.
1. login to Facebook
2. Click on the Globe icon
3. Click on see all notifications
4. Hover over the game app you want to stop getting requests from
5. Click the (x) mark that appears on the right-hand side
6. Click on change app settings
7. beside notify me when click on the drop-down and choose 'Never'
8. You're done

You will now stop receiving annoying game app requests from that particular game. Here are the visuals if you want a video tutorial.

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